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Bandages & Leg wraps

Towelling Leg Wraps - Pair

Channel Quilt cotton towelling leg wraps. Narrow channels in quilting is designed to reduce creasing, therefore reducing tendon irritation.


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Deluxe Bandages

These thick bandages have metal loop and velcro closure. Made up of 20% Nylon 80% Acrylic

Set of four 10cm x 2.5m bandages.

Australian Made.

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Flex Cohesive Bandage

These cohesive flex bandages are an excellent choice to use as a replacement for elastic bandages, inside protection boots. Can also be used to...

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Tail Bandage

Singular bandage, velcro tie closure. 10cm wide.

50% Acrylic 30% Nylon 20% Rubber.

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Acrylic Nylon Bandages

Lightweight bandage with loads of stretch.

50% Acrylic 30% Nylon 20% Rubber

Set of four 10cm x 2.5m.

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Aintree Exercise Bandages

These bandages are nice and thick, with just the right amount of stretch

70% Polyester 30% Nylon.

Set of four 10cm x 2.5m bandages

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ROMA Nylon Bandages - set of four

Nylon bandages from ROMA, thinner and less bulky than the Polo bandage, yet remain firm and ideal for exercise, travelling or stabling.

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Chooze elastic bandages - Set of four

The Chooze elastic bandage is available in 2 colours and comes packaged in a polyester bag. Measures 1.8m stretched.

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Nest Combi Bandages

Nest combi-bandages combine the effective protection of elastic bandages with the warm soft lining of fleece bandages. The bandage is made up of...

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ROMA Thick Polo Bandages

These bandages come in a set of four and have wide velcro tabs for secure closure.


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