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ROMA Deluxe Stable Rake

The Roma deluxe stable rake with handle is sure to make quick work of mucking out. They are also useful in the garden and are great for collecting...

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Rasp handle

Plastic rasp handle for a tanged rasp. Easy to put on and so much more comfortable to use.

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Designed for cutting clinches.

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Rasp - Double Ended

14" Double ended rasp.

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Pritchel, drop forged steel. A pritchel is a type of punch used in forging, particularly for making nail holes in horseshoes.

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Farriers canvas tool roll

This is a great way to keep all of your shoeing and trimming tools in one convenient location. No more trying to remember where the hoof knife is...

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Shoe Puller

Shoe puller and spreader.

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Farriers kit

This kit contains:

  • Professional hoof nipper (38cm)
  • Tanged rasp 35cm with plastic handle
  • Shoe puller
  • Alligator tongs
  • Buffer
  • Pritchel
  • Hoof knife...

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Hoof pad 5.5mm

A pair of shock absorbing hoof pads. The excellent memory rate of the elastomeric material means it will absorb rapid compressions without...

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Search knife - single edge

A single edge, narrow bladed tool with a plastic handle. Right handed only.

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280gm (10oz) drop forged steel hammer.

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Hoof pad 2mm

A pair of inexpensive 2mm plastic hoof pads. They are lightweight and suitable for general use.

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Hoof Nipper 14"

14" Economy hoof nipper.

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ROMA Stud and Tool set

This handy and robust case contains:

  • 8 x 20mm studs
  • 8 x 12mm studs
  • 8 x thread plugs
  • Tap and stud spanner
  • 10 rubber plugs
  • Screw tap cleaner
  • Allen...

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Rasp - Tanged

14" long rasp with tang.

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Hoof Knife

Stainless steel hoof knife with plastic handle.

Single (right handed) or double edge to choose from.

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Aligator clincher

These clinchers make clenching nails easy.

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Professional Hoof Nipper

A professional quality nipper.

15" long.


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Roma 4 piece Farriers Kit

This blister packed, 4 piece kit represents great value. An ideal present for someone wanting to trim their own horses. It comprises a tanged rasp...

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