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Double Jointed Bits

French Link Eggbutt

The plate of the French mouth eggbutt lies flat on the tongue and lessens the "nutcracker" action experienced with single joint snaffles.

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Thick Mouth Training Snaffle

Thick mouth stainless steel ring bit with "lozenge" shaped joint that sits flat on the tongue with rein pressure.

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Full Cheek French Mouth

Stainless steel. The same action as a French mouth eggbutt, but with full cheeks to give more lateral control.

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Dr Bristol Bit

When in use, the angle of the plate applies pressure to the tongue, giving greater control on a hard mouthed horse. Stainless Steel.

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French Mouth Snaffle

Stainless Steel.

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Precision Gold Training Bit

This is a popular bit in showjumping. It offers a mild gag action, while the curved mouthpiece and ring design gives clear turning aids.

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Bevel Snaffle Training

Bevel bits are a popular choice in UK show rings.

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Training Curve Snaffle Gold

This loose ring snaffle features a curved mouthpiece that anatomically cradles the horse's mouth for a more gentle contact.

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