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Fine Mouth Eggbutt - Small Ring

Small, dainty bit. Ideal for showing fine headed animals, as the small rings don't overcrowd the face.

Stainless Steel.

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Hollow Mouth Eggbutt - Flat Ring

Stainless Steel bit with a thick hollow mouth, making this a very gentle and light bit. Ideal for sensitive or young horses.

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Thick Mouth Eggbutt - Flat Ring

This bit has the same shape as the hollow mouth bit, but is heavier for more control.

Stainless Steel.

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Twisted Mouth Eggbutt

Stainless Steel Eggbutt bit with a twisted mouthpiece. This has a sharp action and is suitable for horses that pull

Size: 5".

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Flat Ring Eggbutt Thin Mouth

A very popular all-round bit.

The Eggbutt rings prevent pinching, while the thinner mouth enables a little more control.

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