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Roma Hay Bale Bag

STABLE SAVERS SALE: on sale until May 31st 2022 or sold out prior. rrp $39.95

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Super Slow Feeder

Strong polypropylene net with 17oz canvas backing and stop straps. Helps to prevent gorging and helps to mimic horses natural grazing habits.

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Easy Measure Weight Band

This tool wraps around the horse's girth to give an approximate weight.

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Cribbing Strap

Cribbing collars may also be known as crib biting strap, anti-cribbing strap etc.

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Salt Lick Holder PVC coated

Made from PVC coated steel, this will hold most popular brands of salt and mineral blocks.

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Heavy Duty Hay Bag

Made from 100% heavy duty cotton with reinforced seams, this hay bag features double dees at the top for hanging, and durable tie down straps at th

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Canvas Slow Feeder

This hay bag, made from 17oz canvas back back and strong polypropylene webbing net, is designed to slow the horse's feeding and prevent them fr

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PVC Slow Feeder

This hay bag, made from waterproof vinyl back and strong polypropylene webbing net, is designed to slow the horse's feeding and prevent them fr

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Canvas Hay Bale Bag

This is a sturdy hay bale bag made out of 12oz ripstop canvas. Bound on all four sides, closes with touchtape.

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ROMA Feed Scoop

Robust plastic feed scoop from Roma.

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Hay Net 35/"feed

A PE-Poly, standard sized hay net. Fits approximately 2 slices of hay

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Zilco Hay Bag

A 'less mess' option, this hay bag is made from strong 1200 denier polypropylene fabric.


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Plastic Muzzle

This strong moulded plastic muzzle comes with straps.

Black. One size only.

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Measuring Scoop - 3 Litre

This feed scoop is plastic and very robust. It holds 3 litres and has measurements on the side.

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