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Surefoot Hoof Oil

Pure natural horse oil. Helps replace natural oils that are lost through dry or wet conditions.

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Pedicine Hoof Ointment

The traditional favourite. Regular application maintains healthy hooves and ensures suppleness and optimum hoof condition.

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Cornucresine Daily Hoof Moisturiser

Advanced formulation creates 'one way barrier' to prevent dry and brittle hooves. Waterproofs the hoof, yet allows it to breathe naturally.

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Cornucresine Daily Hoof Dressing

Unique formulation with easy brush-on application. use daily for improved hoof condition.

Sizes: 500ml

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Cornucresine Original Hoof Ointment

Promotes and accelerates healthy horn growth and aids restructuring of the hoof when used regularly. Also aids regrowth of hair.

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Lincoln Solid Hoof Oil

Antibacterial & Antifungal

Contains Stockholm Tar, non-spill formulation.

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Lincoln Intensive Hoof Moisturiser

Optimises moisture balance in dry and brittle hooves.

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Stockholm Tar

For skin complaints and the treatment of corns, quarter cracks andsplit hooves and heels. combats thrush and other bacterial infections. 400ml

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Equine Health Hoof Cream

This very popular hoof cream contains a mix of ingredients including the good old trusted and proven Stockholm tar to aid in the prevention of hoof

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