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Easy Step Mounting Block

At Horsewyse we believe that the Easy Step Mounting Block is the best of its kind.

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Portable Saddle Cloth Bracket

This innovative and fully portable saddlecloth rack allows your saddlecloths to dry faster after use and is ideal for general storage.

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Portable Rug Rack

This sturdy portable and fully adjustable rug rack is ideal for hanging over doors and tailgates.

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Height Measuring Tape

This retractable measuring tape has markings in both hands and centimetres.

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A twitch is a useful restraint tool for horse's that object to any activity that requires them to stand still (such as teeth rasping, injury tr

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Hobble Straps Double Leather

These hobble straps are used in conjuction with ahobble chain as a restraint device or to teach a horse to ground tie.

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Hobble Straps

These hobble straps are used in conjuction with a hobble chain.

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Hobble Chain

Black steel hobble chain with swivel link in the centre to prevent tangles. It is used in conjunction with a pair of hobble straps

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Stall/Float Tie

This tie is ideal for securing horses in stables or floats. The quick snap attaches to the horse's halter for easy tying and release.

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Hitching Rings: Bolt Attachment

Metal hitching ring with threaded shank and nut for attachment to fence railings or hitching posts.

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Hitching rings: Plate Attachment

Hitching ring with plate for attaching to virtually any solid object.

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Hitching rings: Screw eye

Metal hitching ring with attachment for screwing into wooden fence railings or hitching posts.

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Tie Ring "Blocker ll"

The Blocker Tie Ring Mk2 is designed to be a support system rather than a restraint system.

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Suredry Canvas Waterproofer

Simply the best canvas waterproofer. The product is very thick and waxy and gives a great result.

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Tack Rack

A handy 6 prong tack rack that simply hangs on a door or rail and will hold bridles, reins, etc.

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Portable Saddle Bracket

This must be one of the best inventions out there.

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Whip Rack

A wall mounted whip rack to store whips safely. Mount high enough on the wall to stop terriers turning your whips into chew toys!

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Bridle Hook - 4 Prong

This black bridle hook is ideal to hang from the ceiling in your tack room to clean your bridle or strapping.

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ROMA Whip Rack

The Roma whip rack is sure to help keep your tack room or truck tidy.


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Brass plated Bridle Bracket

Just the bracket for the posh tackroom or lovers of bling. The shiny brass plate is sure to set off your best bridles.

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Fold Away Metal Saddle Rack

This compact saddle rack will fold away when not in use, making it ideal for the float or truck.

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Vinyl coated Saddle Rack

This saddle rack screws to the wall of your tack room, truck or float and a detachable bridle hook underneath.

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3 Legged Saddle Stand

An essential item for your tack room.

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Bridle Bracket

These bridle brackets are a strong metal covered in plastic. The rounded shape helps to support the bridle better than a narrow hook.

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Heavy Duty Saddle Stand

Heavy duty Saddle Stand with gear hook and shelf.

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